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Good content, bad app

Content is perfect. The app itself is awful since last . The ergonomy has been degraded and I Cannot access the issues I purchased before last year.

New download

I troes to download the New software and the Car and driver donnot open anymore. What can I do?

Do not update it!!!

This version is bugged! If you updated it you wont be able to acces your previous purchases no more, from October backwards. I have already e-mailed them about this issue, two weeks ago, and so far no solution. Watch out!

Desperdício! waste of money

The app dosnt work. I lost my old magazines. It takes hours to download.

Needs improvement. It doesnt work.

Since Ive upgraded to version 2.3 it doesnt work anymore, even after changed to version 2.3.1, who allegedly fix the bug.

Where R my purchases?

This app used to set the standard for digital magazines. Now, Each update loses all of the issues I own, forcing me to go through the pain of downloading yet again. The latest update wont even restore all of the issues Im supposed to own. Renewal is unlikely at this point.

Unfortunate update

The latest Car and Driver app update is horribly disappointing. Landscape format appears to be the only format (the previously available portrait format felt more like reading a magazine), and the clarity of the type is sub-standard. The app has taken a huge step backward.

I love it…. NOT!

Keeps crashing! Wont open anymore! Thanks C&D! Ill switch to Road & Track now...

Wow-What happened???

Car & Driver I hope your reading these reviews. The latest version is terrible. I have been a digital subscriber since the app was introduced and before that on Zinio and I have to say in no uncertain terms this latest release is a huge step back. So bad in fact I resorted to buying the paper version so I could read all the articles completely. Where to start? It only reads in landscape yet your Road & Track version still read in landscape or portrait mode. Some of the pages are missing, the GTI/ Focus article is missing the last paragraphs of the Focus review. The slideshows dont work. All purchases prior to this June show a buy instead of download. I have sent an email to support and they have offered a free subscription on Zinio or a refund for the iTune app. While these are appreciated I would be more impressed if you just fixed the app to work properly .


Updated app, now it crashes as soon as you open it. Do not buy!

Car & Driver

I should have done this a long time ago! Great way to read this magazine!

retina would be nice

ive now recived 3 issues and they still have not updated to retina graphics. do not purchase until they do as its terrible to look at.

Want old version back

Updated to new version...lost all old issues, plus lost the recent news feature. Very disappointing.

Horrible update

Missing back issue rights even after restoring multiple times. Ive been a subscriber since march, why can I only download issues since September?!?! New issue only has landscape, this is just terrible. Wont be subscribing anymore if landscape is the new required format.


With the latest update the app will not load on an iPad with retina display.

Still no portrait display?

Still no portrait display mode. Some of the articles are cut short. This happened in the older versions too when in landscape mode.

Still Garbage!

So I decided to try this magazine again. The first time I tried it a few months ago every second page was blank and non retina. So I thought ok lets see how it is now, so I bought the 10 best issue and now nothing loads. It either open to a black screen or crashes. What a waste, I am so tired of these magazines that take up so much memory and not work. Why is National Geographic the only one that is a reasonable file size and stable, as well as retina. Seriously Car and Driver you are an embarrassment. It pathetic, why put out the digital version when you know it doesnt work.

Still frustrating

After emails from the company and this update I still can not access my old magazines. Ironically a year ago this was an excellent app which allowed both portrait and landscape views. While updates are occurring they have a way to go to make this app worthy of even three stars, fix the back issues please.

On going problems

This app just does not work properly. When I open this app initially it closes right away. It has problems updating new content for my annual subscription, thats already been paid in full. This magazine is excellent but the app needs some serious attention and overhauling to make it run smoother. I wont be renewing my subscription unless its brought back up to par!


Each update provides some improvement - at least its retina friendly now - but still lots of bugs and crashes.

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